Avner Braverman


I started coding at age 10 and never stopped. I've worked on both edges of the spectrum, on low level operating system projects and on interactive applications for web, mobile and desktop. I am fluent in modern web frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Django and jQuery) and low level web coding (Javascript, push ajax and more). I have designed and coded my own web servers, worked in the UNIX and Linux kernels and wrote device drivers. I designed user interfaces and managed developers and graphic designers. I was a founder and co-founder in several startups. I am a renaissance man and a versatile developer who learns new skills very quickly.

What am I doing now?

I am a co-founder and Chief Architect of Parallel Machines.


  • Consultant


    LiveU is a leading provider of mobile broadcast solutions. I participated in the design and development of a mobile video streaming applications and in the addition of a data streaming feature to their embedded Linux based unit.

  • Developer and Product

    Pic Factory Ltd

    Pic-a-Gift is a website for giving group gift to weddings and other personal events. I participated in product definition, worked along a great graphic designer and was the sole programmer for the site.

  • Co-Founder and VP R&D

    Audish Ltd

    Audish.com is a website for casting talent to TV and Movie productions. I built and managed a development team of 8 people and managed outsourcing development of our mobile app. Later on I spearheaded the development of Audish's video mashup technology, an online batch video rendering engine.

  • Storage Interface Team Leader


    Hired as a Linux device driver developer for Fibre Channel cards, I initiated the formation of a SCSI Interface team. The team grew to consist 5 developers. During that time we developed from scratch a framework for running Linux device drivers in user space and have re-written Fibre Channel drivers for two types of cards and a software iSCSI driver to be optimized for our framework. Once deployed, our framework highly increased the stability of IBM XIV storage systems and reduced dramatically their maintenance costs.

  • Founder and CEO

    Xipus Ltd

    My first attempt at my very own startup. Developed a web based tool for programmable searches. Our site consisted of an online spreadsheet with built in functions for scraping HTML off of web sites, performing web searches and tying this information together.

  • Freelance Developer

    Rafael Ltd, MercaLink Ltd and more

    Worked as a freelance software developer for companies in Israel, the UK and the US.

  • Student and Website Developer


    Studied alternative healing from Meir Yahel who was my Karate teacher for many year. During my studies I also created a content management system and website for Meir's healing discipline.

  • Co-Founder


    Part of a group of 5 graduates of Talpiot class 14 building a storage startup. I was involved in the early stages and later on an a consultant. The company was sold to IBM.

  • Simulation Team Leader

    Israeli Navy

    Built a team of 3 programmers working from scratch on an underwater combat simulation software. The role included working with operational officers to define requirements for the project, designing the software and implementing the simulation engine itself.

  • Class Commander

    IAF Talpiot Program

    Instructed 30 cadets in their 1st year of the Talpiot program. I supervised the enlistment and basic training of the cadets and was their commanding officer during their first year in the Hebrew university. The position also included significant administrative responsibilities and coordinating complicated courses with different branches of the Israeli Army.

  • Software Developer

    Israeli Navy

    Responsible for implementing the MOSIX distributed technology in an embedded realtime project. Worked as a solo programmer, coordinating with operational and technical divisions in the Israeli Navy.

  • Education

  • MSc Computer Science

    Hebrew University, Jerusalem, ISRAEL.

    Worked on the MOSIX project under Prof. Amnon Barak. I added memory usage considerations to the algorithms governing the placement and migration of processes in a high performance computing cluster.

  • BSc Talpiot

    Hebrew University, Jerusalem, ISRAEL.

    A science degree in physics, mathematics and computers. Talpiot is an elite program of the IAF combining academic and military studies.